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Are you interested? Do you have ambitions?

Are you ready for hard physical job and serious to work in energy industry for Oil/Gas rig companies? We can help.

Your interest and ambition will play a major part in you getting a job.

Order and download our “OIL/GAS Employment Handbook” with:

bullet_point Huge number of companies, telephone/fax numbers, addresses of the companies, company names, and type of work the companies do in the following countries:

United Kingdom, Canada, Scotland, Nederland’s, Croatia, Denmark, USA, Belgium, Finland, Norway, Italy, France, Malaysia, Singapore, Peru, Argentina, Spain, Portugal, Slovakia, India, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Greece, Australia, South Africa.

bullet_point Also include guide how to write and prepare:

Oil/gas job resumes
Typical application forms and CVs in English
Interview Thank You letter samples

This “OIL/GAS Employment Handbook” is full with information to get you started looking for a job today. All information is based on oil rig workers experience. Also this is the best and the most efficient way that will give you the best possible start for searching oil platform jobs directly.

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Note: We only publish and sell the handbook only that includes the list of Employers therefore you must contact or apply with employers directly. Only Empoyers will or can decide which applicant is suitable for them.